Anonymous: How tall are you?


Anonymous: What happened to your lips

I was in a really bad accident when I was younger I don’t want to talk about sorry xx

carolinesaura: I found out about your blog when a guy on whisper messaged me pretending to be you begging for nudes... I thought you were gorgeous and were a model, so I posted one of the pics in my twitter asking "for the name of the model" and one of my friends recognized you and told me about your tumblr :) wow, you are so just not really handsome, but soo photogenic

😘😘😘😘that is so sweet omg

Anonymous: Stop fucking posting people telling you that you look good those messages are for you ... Not us enjoy that shit privately and stop trying to boost your ego that's not real love your bf is real love spend less time on the internet day dreaming and more time focused on him what's real These people don't give a fuck about you this internet fame shit is getting out of control Open your eyes

don’t act like you know a single aspect of my actual life 😂 you’re laughable. also in regard to that post, please educate yourself on the topic of satire.


you know it’s true love when they buy you a box of Krispy Kremes

rick-ert: You are perf

also great blog!! followed!!!! ☺️☺️☺️

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put me in a train to anywhere with you


put me in a train to anywhere with you

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kesslercoil: your eyebrow game is hella on point i just cant even

I try!!!!!! my mum and dad have like quite different eyebrows so I think I inherited the shape of my mums but the thickness of my dads