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Anonymous: One time I sent you a lengthy heartfelt message when you were saying really sad stuff and I just wanted to help and make sure you were ok and you just never responded. It made me feel bad.

Sorry I literally have over 5000 messages I haven’t replied to

Anonymous: Can you tell ous, the story ?

he’s a fucking asshole and im sure he’s reading this right now

blackjyzus: Dream vacation ?

take me a while to think about that, but it would definitely be across more than one country :) more into adventures than vacations

sttyx: where would you like to live?

I’d love to move around, paris, new york, montreal, toronto, los angeles

Anonymous: What are your favorite tv shows/movies/music?

I love Bones and 30 Rock, I love artists like lana del rey, billie holiday and even sometimes iggy azalea 😁 my fave movies are romantic ones, sleepless in Seattle, the shop on the corner, when Harry met Sally etc and some comedies and old cult films like heathers and one of my all time faves Clueless

Anonymous: what is your fav thing to do for fun? :)

Sleeping in, eating junk food, watching TV, taking baths and reading books, etc :)

Anonymous: What do you want to do professionally?

Journalism or advertising